We Build Green


 Limestone Construction Co., Inc. is designated a Certified Green professional by the National Association of Home Builders. This certification is an exclusive designation for building industry professionals that incorporate green building principles into homes using cost-effective and affordable options that requires classroom instruction and continuing education, industry experience and adherence to the CGP Code of Ethics.

For more information about the National Green Building Program and the NAHB's CGP designation, visit www.nahbgreen.org.

Why Build Green?

Here are some smart reasons for building or purchasing a green home or greening your remodeling project:

    When properly used, energy-efficient appliances, insulation, lighting systems and HVAC equipment can result in lower energy consumption compared to other homes. Water-conserving faucets, showers, toilets and irrigation systems may also result in less water consumption.
    Effective storm water management and landscaping could mean less time maintaining outside spaces. Also, the use of more durable materials in conjunction with tried and true construction practices can increase the effective life of a home's exterior.
    Maintaining Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) means creating good ventilation, filtration and air exchange, so choosing the right HVAC systems is important. In addition, paints and sealants with lower volatile organic compounds can also improve IEQ.
    Reducing the energy and water needs of a home and taking care to minimize the disturbance of the land surrounding a home are great ways to reduce a home's environmental impact. Efficient building products can significantly reduce the home's impact on natural resources.