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Limestone Construction Company is a recognized premier builder in Greene County, Tennessee, as a residential and commercial general contractor with integrity, professionalism and dependability. Our talents vary from designing and building new custom homes and commercial businesses, to complete renovation and remodeling of existing homes and real estate properties.  

We can work with any style and constantly strive to incorporate the latest products and innovative techniques to customize layouts with the most unique designs in home building, additions and remodeling.

We have established a strong reputation as an accomplished construction company throughout the region with close attention to every detail and years of experience combined with close personal relationships and open lines of communication resulting in the successful completion of the most challenging projects For our clients.

Our staff meet with and encourage input from each and every client in order to meet their specific expectations and lifestyle needs to build a dream into reality.


Management Team


Tony Shelton

Owner and President

Tony has been working alongside his Dad since he was old enough to hold hammer. Tony is a 3rd generation carpenter. This past year when his father decided he was ready to retire, he bought the company in hope to keep his father’s business and efforts successful. Everyone here at Limestone is extremely proud of him. We are ready to see where he allows the Lord to take him, and we will stand behind him where ever that may be. Tony has been given many awards and titles. One of them with many meanings behind it is Master Builder, which was presented to him by Greeneville First Church of God. This award was for all his dedication and work he does. In 2014 he won the toughest tender during the Spec Mix Bricklayer 500. In 2013 and 2015 he and his buddy Fred Campbell with Creative Masonry won the title “Worlds Best Bricklayer” also at the Spec Mix bricklayer 500. Tony is loyal, trustworthy, honest, and true. He gives the best quality work, and we have the trophies and awards to prove it. We are very thankful and blessed for all his effort and great work he does and puts into the company.



Raymond Shelton

Vice President

Raymond owned Limestone since the early 1980s. He recently retired, but his passion for construction didn’t. He combines that passion with a passion much greater, serving the Lord. Raymond now travels all over the world on missions, everywhere from Nicaragua to California, using his talents to serve the Lord. He is a great influence to his family and everyone here a Limestone. Of course he can’t always be away from the family so we save him a few jobs for when he is home. We will be forever grateful for his Godly service and we hope God will continue to bless him and use him for His will.



Dereda Shelton

Secretary and Treasurer

Dereda Shelton is the wife of Raymond and the mother of Tony. She has been a great help to us over the many years. She worked in the office before Christy and alongside her till she and her husband decided to retire and start traveling. Dereda is not your average secretary either. She travels right along with Raymond all over the world building churches, orphanages, or even just simple repairs. People think women can’t do a man’s job. Well our women here at Limestone can. Dereda has been a great influence on Tony, Christy, Kristen, and her 2 grandsons, she hopes the best for Tony and his family, as well as the family here at Limestone Construction, and that they may continue to follow Gods plans for them.



Christy Shelton

Office Manager

Christy is the secretary of Limestone as well as the wife of the owner. Now Christy isn’t your average secretary…In fact Secretary isn’t really the right word, she is a nonstop go getter. Christy does above and beyond a normally secretary job, she does anything from office work to buying permits, helping stake off the houses, running from one end of the county to the other to get just about anything for the jobs, customer service, getting forgotten lunches, and a whole lot more. You say jump, she asks how high. She works and runs like crazy; we couldn’t find or ask for a better secretary.

Our Associations

Limestone Construction Co., Inc. is a proud member of the National Association of Home Builders.


Certified Green Professional designation by the National Association of Home Builders.


2-10 Home Buyers Warranty® member.